We all have that one household chore, or two, that we keep putting off, like laundry. Hear 'What Women Think' when the dirty clothes piles up.

The laundry basket starts to fill and you tell yourself you should throw in a load. But it's really not enough for a FULL load, so you put it off. Then the clothes start to overflow and you know you REALLY need to do laundry before you run out of socks and underwear.

In our house, everyone does their OWN laundry so when you finally get motivated enough, it's hard to find an empty washer.

Then you realize you've put off doing laundry so long you run out of clean underwear. Luckily women have an emergency pair stashed in the back of the drawer they haven't seen in ages. But those emergency underwear are in the back of the drawer for a reason. They are old, uncomfortable and when you wear them, you spend the day pulling them out of your butt.


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