Do you smell that? That aroma of being on a farm, without being anywhere near a farm.

Tad and I noticed it when we left for work in Clinton this week. I thought it was just me until he asked, 'what's that smell?'

The smell is hard to describe. It's sort of a combination of manure, pigs and sweaty feet. It's unlike anything I've smelled on the farm during Farm Hands. Whatever it is, it travels far and wide. People are noticing it in Whitesboro, Ilion, South Utica and New Hartford.

"Anyone smell like a pig farm smelling cow manure stink in there neighborhood?" Karen Cassel, who lives in Whitesboro, asked on Facebook.

Mary Loftus McCraith, who lives off Burrstone Road, can smell it too. "Omg it's horrible here when it’s muggy," she shared.

The rumor is the foul air comes from liquid manure being sprayed. Terri Stanistreet says "another fber told me."

Well if it's on Facebook, it must be true right.

Herb from New Hartford says the smell is coming from the creeks. "They are dried up and the algae is cooking. We live next to the Sauquoit creek and smell it constantly."

I'm not sure what the funk is floating in the air or why, but I do know, I'm going to need a nasal wash.

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