Winter Storm Landon may be considered one of the worst storms of the season in parts of the country. But in Central New York, it's just another typical winter day.

Plows were busy clearing roads and snowblowers were working overtime in driveways all over Central New York after several inches fell overnight. Schools were closed giving kids a three-day weekend and a day off to play in all the snow.

For the rest of us, we still went to work. It may have taken a little longer to get there after clearing off vehicles and driving a little slower. But we still went. If we took a day off every time it snowed, most of us wouldn't work until April or May.

Landon dumped anywhere from a dusting to over a foot, depending on where you live in Central New York. But it didn't bring anywhere near enough snow to any part of the state to merit giving it a name. Not in New York anyway.

Stella, now that was a storm that deserved a name. It buried the entire region and was worth being called the worst of the season.


From the looks of all the pictures provided from around Central New York, Whitesboro may have the honor of receiving the most snow. The further north you go, the less snow you'll see. Ironic since it's usually the other way around.

If this is the worst storm we're going to see in Central New York this winter, we're getting off fairly lucky. Landon was a walk in the park. We've seen a lot more, sometimes several times a season.

Take a look at what Landon left behind compared to previous storms to hit CNY.

Winter Storm Landon Just a Typical Winter Day in CNY

Forecasters may be calling Winter Storm Landon the biggest of the season but Central New Yorkers are calling it another typical winter day.

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The first massive snowstorm of the season was a doozy, at least for some. The Utica area only saw a few inches of lake effect snow but Northern Oneida County had more, a lot more.

Winter Storm Gail Buries New York in Record Snow

It's hard to believe one year ago, rather than the record high temperatures, New York saw record snowfall.

Snow Blankets Central New York 2018

It wasn't a Stella storm but it was close. Mother Nature hit CNY with a late Winter storm, dumping anywhere from 6 inches to 3 feet of snow in 2018.

Winter Strom Stella Dumped Several Feet of Snow in 2017

How much snow did Stella dump in New York state on March 14, 2017? Anywhere from several inches in the city to several feet.

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