Bring back my local channels to DirecTV!

Black screens instead of regular programming are showing up on DirecTV local stations around the country and people are not happy. It happened over the Independence Day holiday because of a dispute between AT&T, that owns DirecTV, and Nexstar.

Tad & I were surprised to find the Fox station in central New York gone from Directv when we returned from vacation. Although it didn't really affect my watching habits other than the local news, Tad is another story. He missed the All Star game last night and now he's fired up. And he's not alone.

The complaints have led Congressman Anthony Brindisi in urging an end to the black outs. He's sent letters to local broadcasters and AT&T, expressing frustration with the lack of progress in negotiations, according to WIBX.

“Local television provides critical programming for folks all across our district,” Brindisi said. “These blackouts are a public safety issue. Many New Yorkers use local television to find out about breaking news, traffic accidents, and important weather events. These blackouts need to end.”

Customers are being asked to contact AT&T to voice their complaints by calling 855-567-1569 or 210-821-4105. I'll be on the phone later today! Why should I be paying for something I can't watch. Bring back my local channels, give me a refund or I'll find another options.

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