Heads up AT&T users: two year contracts will be eliminated starting January 8th 2016.

According to Daily Dot, AT&Twill follow Verizon and Sprint and eliminate two-year contracts for smartphones. Don't panic though, because this seems to be a positive.

First and foremost, it means considerably more mobility. Two-year contracts came with a considerable cost: If you wanted to break out of the deal with AT&T, you'd be hit with an up to $325 early termination fee. You won't have that threat looming over you if you decide to go a new direction with your service provider.

The trade off, though, is that you're going to start paying full price for your phone. That's not a bad thing since you can take it with you, but it will cause a bit of sticker shock. "

You can get more details from your local phone dealer. AT&T will continue with their Next plan. This plan will become the primary means of getting a device through the carrier now starting January 8th.

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