Sometimes conversations take on a life of their own and you're not even sure how the subject came up in the first place. And that's how we arrived at today's topic; what do you call the 6 to 12-inch sandwich pictured above? Your answer probably reveals where you call home.

Some of the possible answers include subs, hoagies, grinders, and Spiedies. Subs, which is actually short for a submarine sandwich, has probably become the most common name because of the popularity of the Subway Restaurant franchises.

When this subject came up on the air, Linda sent us this message: :

Around here we call a sandwich on a long roll a SUB
A grinder is the term used in the New England states (MASS & CT). In NJ and PA they call it a Hoagie 😊

Accoring to the website, Bon Appetit other regional names are; po' boys, spuckies, and if you're from Yonkers, the term is wedges.

Sandwich Names & Origins

Blimpie - New Jersey
Bomber - Buffalo, Rochester, Ithaca area
Grinder - New England
Hero - New York City
Hoagie - Philadelphia
Po' Boy - Louisiana
Spiedie - Binghamton
Spuckie - Boston
Torpedo - Tri-State area
Wedge - Westchester or Yonkers

So what do you call them?

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