Over the skies of Utica recently, 3 fireballs were seen falling to the ground. What were they?

This event was submitted to MUFON as a possible UFO sighting on August 20th around 10:30PM:

I'm not sure if these were ufo crafts or fireballs. At first they were all together then split into 3 & all sizes were the same.

There is video that you can watch by clicking here.

What was this? Technically speaking, it was a UFO as a "Unidentified Flying Object," but was it aliens? More than likely not.

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Meteors have been reported falling over the skies of Central New York several times in the month of August. 2 reports, fall in line with the sighting reported between August 18th - August 20th. These were reported to The American Meteor Society.

The American Meteor Society, Ltd. is incorporated as a Not-For-Profit Corporation in the State of New York. Quoting from our certificate of incorporation, our purposes are:

-To encourage and promote research activities of both amateur and professional astronomers who are directly interested in meteoric astronomy.
-To observe, monitor, collect information, plot and report on meteors, meteoric fireballs, meteoric trains, and related meteoric phenomena.
-To publish scientific materials dealing with meteoric astronomy.
-To publish a newsletter dealing with meteoric astronomy.
-To carry on any other scientific or public service activities relating to meteoric astronomy."

You can always report sightings to them for free on their website.