Did the Westmoreland Town Council vote to ban dogs from the Town Park?

This is now on Facebook posted by Ron Klopfanstein, the voice of the Be More Westmo movement. His posts explains how the decision was made:

To my knowledge, they did not solicit input from the citizens of the town before making this decision. They are not providing any alternative for dog owners or even considering the easiest solution which would be to simply put a chain link fence around the section of the park where dogs had been allowed. Town Councilmembers should be eager to hear from the residents they represent and ready to get right to work to remedy situations such as this. If you disagree with this decision and want to make your voice heard here is their contact information from the town’s website: Burt Seymour: 315-520-4688, Chuck Hebbard: 315-853-3127, Barbara Phillips: 315-853-7141, Randy Rundle: 315-671-3641."

What are your thoughts on this decision?

The Be More Westmo #BeMoreWestmo is all about the people, places, and events in Westmoreland, NY. You can read more on Facebook.

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