Staying home is helping to stop the spread of Coronavirus, but it may be causing some to go a little into the deep end.

One poster on CraigsList is taking the time in the Missed Connections to confess his love for his neighbor, and possibly their grass:

At first I doubted it but then Irealized there was no mistaking it. You were sending me signals through your ride mower. Straddling that lawn limo like a mechanical bull, you made eyes at me. I was shy, kept lookinh away. Now I can't stop thinking about you. I hope it gts warm out soon so I can see you again."

The post appeared on CraigsList April 29th. Which means, this lawn mower fan either confessed love to their neighbor, or are still waiting in the grass.

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This romantic poet goes on to explain how every time they look at the neighbors lawn they think of them. If this wasn't weird enough yet......hang on:

I wanna feel you on my lawn. I will be standing on the property border of our lawns wiggling my bare toes in the long grass at the stroke of midnight tonight. Please take me away to your grassy bordello for a little fun on the run. I will be waiting for you!"

This author was unaware of what a bordello was, and now I regret searching what it meant on a work computer.

If you love grass, and weird people "straddling that lawn limo" in Clinton, than this potential soul mate is for you.

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