This past Saturday, the Boston Red Sox returned home to play their first game at Fenway Park after last week's Boston Marathon bombings. And, my wife and I were there to witness an epic tribute on the field. The Public Address announcer introduced and paid tribute to first responders, Boston Marathon volunteers, local heroes who saved lives, members of police agencies and the military and brought them on the field for a very emotional moment. All those public officials that we saw on TV last week with news updates...the Boston Chief of Police, Colonel Tim Alben, head of the Massachusetts State Police, the FBI agent heading the case, and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick took to the field for a resounding tearful standing ovation. Each of us were given a B-Strong poster, which we all waved throughout the game, and an incredible huge American Flag covered "The Green Monster" left field wall.

And, to top it off, Neil Diamond came out on the field during the middle of the 8th inning for a live rendition of "Sweet Caroline", the Red Sox rally song that has been heard in Major League Baseball stadiums across the country throughout the week. My wife and I couldn't believe that he was actually there, live at Fenway to pay tribute with his song. We sang along, choked up at times, and then watched the Sox play a charged-up bottom of the 8th inning which won them the game.

Watch this incredible performance by a class act if there ever was one, Neil Diamond singing, Sweet Caroline, on April 20th at Fenway Park.