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Kenny Chesney Celebrates World Series Win With Red Sox
Kenny Chesney is good friends with former Boston Red Sox star Kevin Millar and guested with him on Millar's MLB Network show before the 6th game of the World Series Wednesday night. Kenny later joined in the celebration when the Sox won their 8th championship. Check out his and buddy Millar&apo…
A Historic and Emotional Night at Fenway Park
When Boston Red Sox closer Koji Uehara blew a third strike past St. Louis Cardinal Matt Carpenter the lid came off at Fenway Park and across the city of Boston. The Red Sox World Series win was both historic and incredibly emotional.
Jennifer Garner's Drastic New Look
Jennifer Garner is a talented actress and a very beautiful woman. She is also the wife of Ben Affleck a rabid Boston Red Sox fan which may explain the new "look" Jennifer unveiled on Tuesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Show.
David Ortiz Pep Talk Rallies Boston Red Sox
Professional baseball players generally don't need a pep talk. They are the best at what they do and proudly self-motivate. However when Boston slugger David "Big Papi" Ortiz wants you to listen to what he has to say his teammates know they had better gather round.
Why the Boston Red Sox Will Win The World Series
The clock refuses to strike midnight for the Boston Red Sox. Having concluded a magical "worst-to-first" regular season the Red Sox have dispatched the Tampa Rays and the Detroit Tigers to advance to the World Series for the 3rd time in ten years. There are a number of reasons why my wife …
Boston Red Sox or Duck Dynasty
At the start of spring training this year the Boston Red Sox decided--as a team--to grow beards as a bonding experience. What started as a five o'clock shadow became a stubble and then as the season wore on a team effort to out-beard the boys of "Duck Dynasty". Fashion experts…
Boston's David Ortiz Taken Down By Toddler
David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox is one of the most feared sluggers in baseball but he was cut down to size by a toddler--his own nephew no less--before Tuesday nights game with Tampa Bay. Watch the painful line drive to his, uh, strike zone.
Red Sox Honor Yankee Mariano Rivera
Even though there is no greater sports rivalry, last night the Boston Red Sox paid tribute to New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, in his last regular season appearance at Fenway Park.
Yankees Gift Red Sox Owner With Birthday Cake
The New York Yankee-Boston Red Sox rivalry is, without question, the greatest in all of sports. The history between these two teams goes back a century and while it has occasionally become heated there are the lighter moments too. Such was the case last night when the Yankees offered up a birthday c…
Fenway Tribute
This past Saturday, the Boston Red Sox returned home to play their first game at Fenway Park after last week's Boston Marathon bombings. And, my wife and I were there to witness an epic tribute on the field. The Public Address announcer introduced and paid tribute to first responders, Boston Maratho…

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