Everywhere you go, you're bound to find something to eat that is original, unique or just plain strange. New York has no shortage of great food, but what are we most known for?

It may surprise you, but according to SpoonUniversity.com New York State is most commonly known across the country for Bagels.

This may not make a lot of sense to Central New Yorkers, but if you ask any traveler, New York City is the only place to get a real bagel.

Unless of course you're from the Mohawk Valley, in that case it's definitely The Bagel Grove.

But this is still a questionable choice for our state. Think about all the iconic food that just Central New York is known for - riggies, greens, half moons, and chicken wings to name a few.

There's one thing that we think should stand out above all NYS food though...PIZZA!

How is pizza not what New York is known for? Are they trying to say that another state has better pizza??

No way. Ever.

We have one of the oldest pizza places in the country with O'Scugnizzo, and even New York City has, like 3 dozen Ray's Pizza places.

So with all due respect to SpoonUniversity.com, we're going to go ahead and disagree.

Pizza, not bagels is what New York is known for. At least as far as Central New Yorkers are concerned.


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