Remember earlier this year when the entire world watched April go through labor? Get ready for another 'Giraffe Cam.'

Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch joined Good Morning America recently to give an update on April and her calf Tajiri.

While he was there the inevitable question was asked, "will April be getting pregnant again, and when?"

Patch responded with a vague, albeit entertaining answer:

"I cannot confirm or deny the possibility of another pregnancy." 

That's when GMA host Michael Strahan asks Patch, "if there is, will we see it online?"

Patch's answer to this was equally cryptic:

"Are we ready for another Giraffe cam, world? You tell me." 

Watch the Good Morning America interview with Jordan Patch, April and Tajiri below to find out more about Tajiri and April's progress.

You'll also be able to see just how big Tajiri is now that he is 6 1/2 months old!


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