U.S. Marine Sgt Robert Hughes Jr was expected home on April Fools Day after serving 5 years in Japan. But the joke was on his family when he surprised them three days early.

Hughes' 9 year old brother Wyatt Sitts, who hasn't seen Robert for two and half years, was expecting to be recognized for doing good deeds at Madison Central School. Little did he or the rest of his family know, they were all in the school gym for a heartwarming homecoming.

Home is a lot different from Okinawa where he was stationed as an air traffic controller. "I missed the wide open spaces in central New York, the slower lifestyle and of course my family," says Hughes who plans to spend time catching up with his brother Wyatt. "I missed a lot. I used to change his diaper and now he's grown 10 inches."

As for Hughes' future? He's looking forward to playing in the annual Oltmann Golf Outing in honor of his cousin Michael Oltmann and he's also considering joining the Air Force. "I love wearing the uniform."


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