As COVID-19 continues to prevent large gatherings, events being conducted virtually or live-streamed seems to be the new normal. While we may not be able to attend in person at least there's a way to still watch the annual New York State Dairy Princess Pageant.

Oneida County Dairy Princess Alyssa Buck, a senior at Westmoreland High School, will be one of twelve girls competing in the 58th pageant presented by American Dairy Association North East. The event will be held over a two day period at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Syracuse Destiny USA. The Dairy Association will live-stream the pageant on their Facebook page February 16, stating at 6 p.m.

The ladies will be judged on their communication skills, knowledge of the dairy industry, poise, and personality as they go through interviews, impromptu questions, a prepared speech, a product knowledge exam, writing skills, and informal interaction with others.

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Alyssa and twenty-five other girls are the first group of Dairy Princesses to serve during the pandemic. Usually their role is being a spokesperson for the dairy industry, sharing the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy products, educating residents on how well the animals are treated, and the importance of the industry on New York's economy. This year with the pandemic creating food shortages, the Princesses had the added duty of promoting milk distribution events and assisting with the handing out of products at several drive thru locations.

One New York State Dairy Princess will be crowned along with two alternates who will be selected to represent New York’s dairy farmers and serve as dairy industry ambassadors.

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