While the White Buffalo is a rarity and in many cases a mythical creature, these white white-tailed deer are real and exist right here in New York. And for the first time you can actually take a tour to see them.

Seneca White Deer is located at the former Seneca Army Depot in Romulus and is home to the world's largest herd of the white deer. They're the same as the brown white tailed deer we always see, they're just missing the pigmentation in the hair. They're not albinos as they don't have the pink eyes.

In the days the depot was an active military installation, hunting was prohibited inside the fenced in area. This led one or two deer to populate into several over the years. In fact they breed with other brown deer in the area and many retain the lack of pigmentation.

A private group has purchased the facility in an effort to preserve the white deer population. Beginning November 16, they will be offering guided bus tours of grounds. In addition to spotting the deer, there will be a visit to some of the military installations that are still in tact.

Tours are $30 with discounts for Veterans and Seniors and last for about 90 minutes. Book a tour and get more details at Seneca White Deer's website.


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