Because Jimmy Fallon thinks Harrison Ford is 'one of the coolest people in history and wants to be like him,' he asked Ford to pierce his ear on live TV.

'What's the worst that could happen? I could get an infection?' Jimmy asked.  'Naw, you could just bleed to death' Ford told him.

Ford did have a 'topical antiseptic,' or tequila, that he drank, instead of giving it Jimmy. Maybe that's why his hands were shaking when he stuck the needle through Fallon's ear.

After all the screaming, Fallon joined the 'cool club' by having a pierced ear.  That is, until his 'feather' earring was put in.  Being a good sport, and a great ear piercer, Ford put the other 'feather' earring in, so they could match. They even shared their moment on Instagram.

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