Is there any better way to celebrate your birthday than at a Garth Brooks concert? Having Garth wish you a Happy Birthday in song.

Sue Whalen of Rome is a HUGE Garth fan. She even calls us every year on her birthday to request 'Much Too Young Too Feel This Damn Old." This year she got tickets to see Garth in Albany and he gave Sue another gift when he noticed her sign. He sang her favorite song AND wished her a happy birthday.

"I was screaming and jumping and they put me on the jumbo-tron," says Sue. "When I walked out of the concert everyone was wishing me a happy birthday. It was just the most amazing thing."

The birthday wish was the highlight of the night but Sue says the whole show was unforgettable. "I've been to a lot of concerts but that by far was the best. He loves his people. What an experience."

Now THAT'S how you celebrate a birthday. Although I don't know how Sue will top in next year. "I don't think there's any top to this. What a day to remember my whole life."

Garth Brooks 'Much Too Young' Birthday Wish


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