Garth Brooks is as nice as he is talented. Before his Albany show, Tad & I had the opportunity to meet him. And like his concert, he does it different than anyone else.

Rather than the 'cattle call' where you get 30 seconds to say hello and have someone else take a picture that will be uploaded on their website, Garth spends quality time with his fans. He and Trisha Yearwood chatted with us for a good 15 to 20 minutes and talked about his wind burn. It was from being outside for the Teammates Pro Camp at University of Albany. He holds the clinics for kids at each World Tour stop, a program near and dear to his heart.


If that wasn't cool enough, before we left we were handed a bag full of goodies; coffee mugs, shirts, hats, hoodies and keychains.

The crowd anxiously awaited Garth to hit the Albany stage for the first time in nearly 20 years and when he did, the noise was deafening.

Garth performed all his hits while running all over the circular stage as fans aged 8 to 80 sang every word to every song. Trisha joined Garth for a duet of 'In Another's Eyes' along with a few of her own hits.

Electrifying is the best word to describe Garth's command of the stage and the crowd, proving why he's the Entertainer of the Year. He should be named the Entertainer of EVERY year!


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