A warning about several strange men approaching people while shopping at Sangertown Square is going viral on Facebook.

The post warns about several men, claiming to be bringing awareness to breast cancer, are handing out gifts. "I noticed the other guy was recording me and my girls on his phone. Security was searching for them and have our statement."

The post is being copied and shared all over Facebook but no one knows where it originated. It is prompting others to share similar experiences though.

Cathy Munch says her daughter was approached by strange men too, offering gifts. "She said she didn’t have money so the men grabbed the gifts back and took off."

We were told the men were carrying pink bags that looked like they were for breast cancer awareness. Multiple reports were allegedly made to mall security about the men who were seen several times on Wednesday, December 5th and again Saturday, December 8th. They were reportedly kicked out of the mall Saturday.

We've reached out to mall representatives in an effort to confirm the reports and they says they are unable to comment.

This is a good warning for everyone during the busy holiday shopping season. Wherever you are, never give strangers any personal information. If you want to donate for the holidays, give to reputable organizations where you know the money will be used properly, like area Rescue Missions, food banks or even St Jude Children's Research Hospital. If you feel threatened in any way, contact mall security or call 9-1-1.

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