Do you want to build a snowman or maybe blow some snow? Only in Upstate New York can you find Olaf enjoying a late-season snowstorm.

You've seen the viral videos over the years of people in dinosaur costumes doing everything from delivering food to blowing snow.

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Olaf Comes to Town

Move over dinosaurs, there's a new creature in town. At least in Central New York anyway.

Olaf made an appearance after the Leap Day snowstorm that dumped as much as 17 inches in Madison County.

The Frozen character brought out the snowblower to clear several inches from a driveway in Oneida County.

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Olaf Goes Sledding

After all the snow had been cleared from the driveway, Olaf took time to have some fun, sledding down the hill a few times.

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Waterville Woman

Olaf is actually Heidi Griffith from Waterville, New York. She likes to have fun no matter what she's doing, including blowing snow. Heidi hopes her crazy antics can bring a smile to at least one person's face.

You can check out all her shenanigans on her BuckleyBoy and Ruger Instagram page.

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