In the world of drone delivery, Walmart would like to start offering this as a delivery option. Walmart is launching drone testing at Griffiss in Rome. 

WKTV is reporting that a nearly $2 million lease and testing agreement between Oneida county and Walmart was approved by the Oneida County Legislature. That means that test flights will begin to take place at Griffiss International Airport in Rome. The flights will be from one designated location to another.

“What we're trying to accomplish is a stepping stone,” said Oneida County Aviation Commissioner Russell Stark. “We want to build the safety case for Walmart and for us, so we can present this case to the FAA that, yes, drone deliveries are possible and we can conduct them safely.”

The agreement between Oneida County and Walmart will run through the end of June 2019, and it could be extended for up to nine years. That means we could see Walmart drones in the sky soon enough.

Imagine the possibilities: Your online orders being shipped right to your door. OR, would this service only be available in stores themselves? Time will tell. Back in May, Walmart was granted a patent this week for a system in which drones would shuttle products between different departments inside its stores.The drones would mostly avoid buzzing above customers' heads by being routed over shelves instead of store aisles.



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