Let's be honest: have you disobeyed the signs for "one way" aisles in any retail store since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic? I'm sure you have, or know someone who has (I'm guilty.) Didn't you hate having only one entrance to the store? Walmart is working to eliminate both in the near future.

According to Fox 5, Walmart said it would resume two-way shopping in all of its 4,753 U.S. stores at the beginning of October and also reopen some additional store entrances that had been closed temporarily to help control the flow of customer traffic. Walmart will keep in place other safety measures like plastic shields at registers, requiring customers to wear masks and spraying shopping carts after each use.

A spokesperson for the company said that they take the virus, and the safety of their customers seriously. Because customers are following the rules, they as a retailer can bring back two-way aisles and dual entrances.

"Customers have quickly adopted new behaviors like wearing masks while shopping, practicing social distancing and using our expanded hours to better spread traffic throughout the day. This gives us the ability to do things like reopen a second entrance and resume two-way shopping in our aisles."


The decision comes after supermarket chain Publix ended one-way aisles last month except where required by local ordinances.

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