Over the course of the past few weeks, have you noticed your friends all across Central New York doing 22 pushups on Facebook? It's all part of the #22KillChallenge, here's the details on what it is. 

To honor those who serve our country, and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment, New Yorkers are doing 22 Pushups. This challenge isn't just for New Yorker's, it's for anyone nationwide, even worldwide. The challenge was started by #22Kill.

#22KILL is a global movement created by veterans with a mission to:

- Honor those who serve(d)
- Raise awareness to veteran suicide and mental health issues such as PTS and TBI
- Educate the public about current veteran-related topics and issues
- Recruit Veteran Advocates aka “Battle Buddies”
- Support various veteran empowerment programs; i.e. Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. (HCC), Equest Hooves for Heroes, Brain Treatment Foundation, Center for BrainHealth, REACT, Adaptive Training Foundation, and more."


Every pushup counts, even if you can't do them well. They say don’t be shy, just show your support for our veterans. How do you show your support? Here's a step by step guide:

1) Record a video of yourself doing the pushups

In the beginning of the video, make an introduction stating:

Your NAME (and name of any organization that you may want to represent)
WHY are you pushing or WHO are you are pushing for?


2) Upload the video

Upload this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


3) Add the Right hashtag

Add the #22KILL to your video, and also the # of how many pushups your'e doing. You can also add #22killchallenge.



Post your video and feel accomplished for helping spread awareness.




BONUS VIDEO- Cell Phone Guns