On the website Reddit a question was asked on the board called "Ask Reddit". The question was directed towards soldiers, veterans, and anyone who has served our military. The question was "what is something you wish you had known before joining the military?". Here's some of the top answers. 

***The following was submitted by users of Reddit. You may not agree with what they are saying, but this is how soldiers/veterans answered on the website. This does not reflect the views of us here at Townsquare Media***

1) "I wish I had known how important my hearing was." - user furtive


2) "I've never been to prison... I have to imagine that deployments are damn near close to it. Bored out of your mind, getting swole at the makeshift, outside gym, counting down the days, surrounded by dudes, and every now and then, someone tries to kill you." - user MITranger


3) "Most of sniper school involves a lot of math. There's nothing glamorous about being B-4, most of the time you're waiting around in the heat. It's nothing like the movies."- user holdoff....


4) "Don't trust everything your recruiter tells you. Look up info on your own and bounce questions off of them. I did and got stuck as a laundry specialist for 4 years. Oh, and color vision can affect the jobs you can get in the military" - user Lonestone43


5) "Marines never lie, cheat, or steal. Except for when they do." - user Semper_OFP


6) "That if you deploy there's a good chance you're marriage will fail and your SO will leave you." - user armyml


7) "I wish someone would have told me to get in shape before I joined! All that running sucks if you're not used to it. Also anxiety. Anxiety about passing a PT test. No matter how hard I train or work out, I always get the worst anxiety that I won't pass my PT test and it's the worst." - user DopeBoyG300


8) "You can learn to live with PTSD, much of the time- but - no one can help you forgive yourself for who you've been, or what you've done, except yourself. When you're out, you can get help, but you have got to be the one that takes the opportunity. Help doesn't come in 12oz bottles or pint glasses. Remember, it normally doesn't build up all at once - the cure doesn't happen all at once." - user mctrustry


What Would You Answer With?

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