The typical farm CSA (community supported agriculture) share allows members to get a box or two of produce a week -- often without allowing them to choose what produce is in the box.

Wagner Farms has structured its CSA very differently, though, striving to give members as much flexibility as possible.

"We are a conventional farm that took the idea and made it something that works for us," said Ron Wagner of Wagner Farms. "Our customers like to choose how and when they use it."

Essentially, the half-share and full-share CSA's are debit cards that can be used anytime in 2019 for any merchandise at the store, from produce to veggie plants to stove corn, cheese, honey, maple syrup, etc. The only thing the CSA cannot be used for is Wagner Farms special events, such the summer sunflower field event.

Here's a quick overview of everything they have:

And, through April 15, Wagner Farms is offering a 20 percent bonus on the half-share and full-share CSAs: For the half-share, you pay $125 and get a $150 CSA card. For the full-share, you pay $250 and get a $300 CSA card. After April 15, the half-share CSA is $125 and the full-share is $250. If you run out before the season is over, existing CSA members can put $60 more on their CSA card for $50.

Wagner Farms also offers a $250 wholesale CSA for restaurants and the food service industry. They receive 30 percent off the retail price but can only use it for produce grown by Wagner Farms.

In addition, Wagner Farms has a "donation" CSA, where they will provide $500 worth of produce and other products to a local soup kitchen or food pantry for a $250 donation.

“It’s a good way for the community as a whole to chip in and take care of itself," Ron Wagner said.

Ready to get started? Click here or call 315-339-5182 to order your CSA.