If you have family or friends who are planning to visit from Florida, they might want to plan on staying for a few extra weeks.

Right now, Governor Cuomo is working on details of a possible quarantine order for anyone visiting New York from Florida. The Sunshine State has seen an explosion of coronavirus cases over the past week. Unlike New York, Florida has not been stressing the importance of wearing masks or social distancing. Experts say the lack of precautions has caused states like Texas and Florida to see a dangerous increase in COVID-19 cases.

As of now, Florida still requires visitors from the Tri-State Area to self-quarantine upon entering the state. Ironically, New York now has the least amount of new coronavirus cases in the country. The New York Post reported on Monday that Cuomo is enlisting the help of New Jersey and Connecticut to come up with a plan for isolating Florida visitors for two weeks. The order may even extend to travelers from Texas, Arizona and other states severely impacted by coronavirus.

Many Hudson Valley residents have family members located in Florida, so the order would especially impact our region. Cuomo says that he's concerned that Floridians will begin to flock to New York to flee the COVID-19 outbreak. Ironically, just a few months ago, New Yorkers with family members in Florida were booking flights to move south, forcing Florida to institute their own quarantine order.

Do you have family members in Florida that may be impacted by a possible quarantine? Let us know your thoughts on the proposal by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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