There were thunderstorms passing through New York and many of them were very strong. We saw plenty of rain and there were also major thunderstorms as well.

According to WIVB, one person in Lockport, New York caught this mysterious light beam on the photo on Tuesday, July 13 and all I can say is “WHAT!?”

Seriously, what is that? A massive number of comments on the WIVB Facebook page are saying it looks like an alien spaceship beam of light and to be honest, I’m with them — it REALLY does!

At first, I thought to myself, “Is that a tornado?” Then I thought it might be an alien spaceship!

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In reality, what it might be is the ray of sun shining through in a very odd way during and just after a thunderstorm; illuminating a very small portion of the sky.

That’s an amazing photo though. It probably only lasted a very brief moment, so to capture it on camera and do it so well is awesome.

We can make the alien jokes because it’s not aliens, but what would we even do if it was? Probably not much, especially if they have a ship with the capabilities of doing that and getting to earth, let’s be honest…

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