Boyd Bushman has spent his entire career as a scientist and inventor. In August of this year, he passed away. Before the end of his life he decided to make a half hour documentary sharing a lot of the information he and other scientists have gathered over the years, including actual photos of what appears to be actual aliens from Area 51. Even though details of his bio are disputed, Bushman was indeed a scientist with Lockheed Martin, and he did have multiple patents to his name.

One of the things he says workers at Lockheed Martin are constantly developing and working on UFO technology 24 hours a day.  A lot of the information included in this documentary, filmed on August 7th of this year, is information from Area 51. I highly recommend you watching this very interesting and informative film.

More Photos of Alien Lifeform

Mark Q Patterson via YouTube

This photo shows the body of an alien. As Bushman points out, they have three rib bones on each side, where we humans have 8-12.

Mark Q Patterson via YouTube

Alien Foot

Of course this could all be exaggerated evidence or even false, but because this man was close to death, he has no fame to be gained or no monetary incentive. Believe what you want, but watching this definitely makes me wonder.