Sylvan Beach is open for Memorial Day weekend. The beach may be closed but you can still spend the day at Verona Beach State Park.

Susan E Campbell‎
Susan E Campbell‎

Verona Beach State Park is open, not for overnight camping, but it is open. Verona Beach State Park is located on the eastern shore of Oneida Lake. Have a lunch or dinner with some local take out in the shaded *pet-friendly picnic areas with an excellent view of the water.

The following restaurants are OPEN and serving take-out:

  • Boneyard BBQ @ Carbone's Beachside
  • Canal View Cafe
  • Carbone's Beachside (Ice Cream)
  • Eddie's Restaurant
  • Harpoon Eddie's
  • Pizza King
  • The Spaghetti Factory
  • What's The Scoop (Ice Cream)
  • Willie's Chop Shop

Enjoy some ice cream while taking a walk through the village. Go fishing on the pier and watch the sunset. Sylvan Beach is so much more than the beach, and it is open this Memorial Day.

Lisa Sipp-Vallee‎
Lisa Sipp-Vallee‎

*Pets are to be supervised at all times and either be crated or on a leash not more than 6-feet in length. Proof of rabies vaccination must be available if requested by staff. Pets are not permitted on playgrounds (this does not apply to service animals).

WIBX reports Sheriff Rob Maciol, The Sylvan Beach Village Manager and Mayor, County Health Director Phyllis Ellis, and the county attorney's office have decided to close Sylvan Beach Memorial Day Weekend as it would be next to impossible to enforce the 50% capacity with so many points of entry. There will be no swimming, public restrooms will be, and picnic areas will be closed with minimal parking.

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