A Rome woman is looking for the owner of a van who backed into her car before taking off.

Amber Marie says it happened Saturday, January 13th around 4:00 pm. The van is seen on video surveillance, backing into her car in the Aldi's parking lot in Rome and just driving off. "My boyfriend was working when another employee informed him someone had hit our car and sped off without saying anything to anyone. The customer tried to wave the van down to get them to stop but it didn't work."

The van had snow covering the license plate and the customer wasn't able to get a look at it. Marie says she called the police who told her she could make a report. "I'm not sure how much good it'll do since we couldn't see the driver or the license plate."

In the video you can see the car actually move from the van backing into it. Luckily the damage to Amber's car was minimal. "The vans hitch scraped and pushed in my license plate. It's not about the amount of damage. I have to pay to fix it. It's about the driver taking off. If they cam into the store and said something, I'd be a bit more forgiving because of their honesty."

If you know who the owner of the van is, contact Amber Marie on Facebook.


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