This holiday season, give the gift of smiles and memories with a Red Panda encounter at the Utica Zoo.

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You'll get the chance to go inside the Red Panda exhibit and hand feed them their favorite treats. Visitors travel from all over the world, to visit with Muse and Ming-Yue, the two adult Red Pandas at the Utica Zoo.

During the encounter, Zookeepers will provide you with all the Red Panda information you could ever need, all while you get the chance to feed them grapes, biscuits, and bamboo leaves. Unfortunately, you won't get to pet, or hold them.

Keep in mind, only two red panda encounters are offered per week and encounters depend upon the animal care schedule and the requirements of the Species Survival Plan. Participants also must be at least 12 years old.

The encounter lasts around 30 minutes, dependent on the weather and the animal’s mood, but you get general admission into the whole zoo when you purchase this memorable opportunity.

Pricing starts at $180 for two people, and you also can add-on a photo package with the zoo's staff photographer for photos of your animal encounter for an additional $45.

You can book your encounter for 2020 online at

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