Can you even imagine a world where Uber didn't exist in Utica? It's not hard to if you think for a second.

Uber has only been in Utica for 6 months. Can you believe that? Danielle Filson, Uber Spokesperson, tells us that in this short time, Uber has built a solid relationship in Utica:

"In six short months, Uber has helped New Yorkers earn money on their own schedules, move around their communities with ease, and for those who choose to drink, get home safely. It has been an exciting ride and we look forward to the years to come.”"

So where are people traveling when they use Uber? Here's the top destinations:

1) The Celtic Harp Restaurant and Pub
2) Utica College
3) Village Tavern
4) Mohawk Valley Community College
5) Hamilton College
6) Bank of America Bus Station
7) Greyhound/Amtrak Bus Station
8) Walmart Supercenter
9) Boehlert Transportation Center
10) Radisson Hotel"

So from this list, it seems that Central New Yorker's like to drink, and take a bus.

What about trips? The longest trip so far has been 276 miles going from Utica College to Long Island. The busiest nights of the week, no shocker here, are the weekends: Friday and Saturday nights.

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