Another week off the calendar means we're 7 days closer to Christmas and I'm feeling the pressure of "better get to shopping." So I'll ignore that chore for awhile longer and compile the Utica - Rome Top 5 songs. Hit the “read more” button to check out the songs and videos you voted your favorites. The next round of voting is now in progress and will run thru Monday December 12. Vote here.

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    We owned The Night - Lady Antebellum

    Did I miss it, or was Lady A missing from last night's ACA Awards? It seemed odd, that they didn't own the duo or group of the year awards as usual.

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    Reality - Kenny Chesney

    While Kenny has hit a point in his career where he could probably slide by with a little less effort, he continues to push for the best. This song about escaping reality, lends its self perfectly for using concert footage to make a video. Which is what Kenny does, but in a different way. You can watch the entire construction of one of his stadium shows from beginning to end in just 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

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    Drink In My Hand - Eric Church

    Eric made it to number 2 on the Utica - Rome Top 5 before taking a brief break. He's back this week at number 3.

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    Let It Rain - David Nail

    David Nail co-wrote this song with the same guy that helped co-write his hit, "Red Light." I'd say they have a really good formula. The idea came from a movie the two watched about a guy who cheats on his wife, is remorseful and then sits on the front porch until his wife will let him in.

  • 1

    I Don't Want This Night To End - Luke Bryan

    Luke Bryan knocks down his first number one on the Utica - Rome Top 5. One of the main reasons artist tour (outside of the money) is to expose their music to new people. Luke Bryan was already hot, but his show at the Utica Aud kicked him into the stratosphere in Central New York.