Every year the Utica Police Department takes part in an awesome event to help children in need in our community. It's called "Shop With A Cop" and it is funded by the Thomas Lindsey foundation. This past weekend is when they did the shopping and it was a great success. Each child gets a $100 gift card from Target and teams up with a Utica Police officer to do a little holiday shopping. According to Lt. Steve Hauck of the UPD, most of the kids use their gift card to get other gifts for siblings and family members. Kudos to all the officers that were involved. They made the lives of many that much better this holiday season.

Here Are Some Photos From The Event Courtesy of the UPD Facebook Page

Not only was this probably a great experience for these kids, but it also helps build community relations with law enforcement which is so important nowadays. Lead by example this year and try and do something nice for someone in need.

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