Emily Mulkerne was born and raised here in Central New York. After attending Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School she then went on to Wells College. Upon graduating from Wells, she moved to New York City to work with children. One day she decided to visit the 9/11 Memorial. What happened next, she never expected.

Elizabeth Freeman

Emily and I have been great friends since we were kids. We did shows together and hung out with same group of people. Ever since I first met Emily, I knew the type of person she was. She's very kind, generous, and always thinking of others. It's no surprise that her thoughts and her words were selected from millions to be featured at this beautiful memorial.

I had the chance to interview Emily about this honor and she told me it all started in a recording booth. At the 9/11 memorial, there is a recording booth that people can enter to share their thoughts about the tragic events that happened on that morning and/or how it affects them still to this day. What she said was apparently so compelling she received a letter from the people at the memorial.

This Is A Copy Of The Letter:

Emily Mulkerne

What an honor to be selected for something so special. Basically what she told me was that the video and audio of her talking about how 9/11 is still so significant to her will be shown to others who visit the site.

Hear My Full Interview Here:

According to Emily, you will be able to see her at the 9/11 Memorial from now until about 6 months from now. With the anniversary of this terrible event in our history so close, take time to reflect and remember all those who lost their lives on that tragic day. RIP to all who perished. You will never be forgotten.