Utica is getting a new mural but have you seen the options? We came up with 11 other designs to better represent the city.

The old 'Sunburst' mural next to Liberty Bell Park will soon be no more. A new design is being considered for the old building.

Credit - Mayor Robert M. Palmieri
Credit - Mayor Robert M. Palmieri

4 Mural Choices

The mural choices have been narrowed down to four. Although each design is beautiful, none actually represents Utica and everything the city has to offer. How could they when the companies that created them aren't even from New York? They came from Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

Credit - Mayor Robert M. Palmieri via Facebook
Credit - Mayor Robert M. Palmieri via Facebook

Better Mural Options

A number of people have created their own murals that better reflect Utica. Jody Hildreth, a Sauquoit photographer, chose the half-moon, a cookie created in Utica, New York.

11 Utica Mural Options

Utica has so much to offer. From the diverse culture and the fabulous food to the stunning architecture and beautiful scenery, there are so many options to choose from. We came up with 11 other murals that could be used to better represent Utica.

11 Designs to Replace Downtown Mural That Better Represent Utica

Officials have narrowed down the new mural options in downtown Utica to 4. Despite the beautiful designs, none have anything to do with Utica and all were created by people who don't even live in New York State. So, here are 11 options that better depict the Handshake City.

Utica Mural Voting

Voting on the 4 murals will be open until May 5, but you must vote in person at City Hall or at Munson Williams.

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A mosaic globe, an etched compass, several chess tables, and new benches, along with a signpost representing Utica's diverse cultures will also be added to the area.

Painting of the winning mural design will being around June 1.

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