What the heck is wrong with some people? A Utica man joked about cooking a puppy on Facebook. But now the joke is on him as Utica Police are investigating.

Frank Bandz claimed to be cooking a puppy in a Facebook live video. Be advised, it's NSFW. It's not suitable for anywhere! The video, that will not only turn your stomach, is filled with offensive language.

Bandz posted several videos on his Facebook page showing how he prepared the meat. After complaints poured into authorities, some from outside New York State, Utica Police started to investigate. That's when Bandz changed his tune, claiming it was a lamb and not a puppy.

Animal Advocate Kim Strong says Bandz's 'joke' made a lot of people very angry. "Many people called into every law enforcement agency, animal rescue and every animal person they could find to make sure an investigation was done. It was phenomenal how fast law enforcement reacted. The SPCA, Utica police and Utica Animal Control made this a top priority case because of how upset people in the community were."

The joke is on Bandz now as police and the CNYSPCA continue to investigate "This was cruel," says Strong. "He was looking for his 15 min of fame In completely the wrong way."

Strong leads Lainey's Army, a group of people who fight for any animal, anywhere. She thanks her army and social media for helping identify the man in the video.

No word on whether charges will be filed against Bandz.



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