Is this your house? If so, some people on TikTok are looking for you as part of a strange new trend that's developed throughout the course of the pandemic.

An account called @zoomingonrandomhousesny creates videos by, as its name might suggest, simply going on Google Maps and zooming in on a random house in New York State in hopes of finding the owners.

In this video, the account's creator ended up at 1230 Greenview Drive in Utica. Although some TikTok users have commented that they know of the house or that they live nearby, no one has claimed the house as their own quite yet.

While the trend may seem a little creepy or even intrusive, it goes to show just how bored we've gotten thanks to the pandemic. Not surprisingly, this isn't the only TikTok account participating in the trend. There are countless accounts dedicated to zooming in on random houses, not just in New York, but across the country and even the world.

The Utica video was just the beginning for this TikTok account, which now takes requests from followers hoping to see a video of a house from their own town. Homes everywhere from Syracuse and Ithaca to Richfield Springs and Clifton Park have also been featured on the account.

Check out all of the account's zoom-in videos through TikTok.

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