Right now, many central New Yorkers are looking for ways to send thanks and well wishes to the medical staff fighting the coronavirus on the frontlines. A flower shop in Utica recently sent flowers to the medical staff at a local hospital to lift their spirits and let them know how much they are appreciated.

Abby Britten is a care attendant at St. Luke's, and she took to Facebook to thank the folks at Chester's Flower Shop and Greenhouses after they brought each staff member at the hospital a rose with baby's breath.

"This little gesture goes a LONG way," Britten posted. "We are scared but we are fighting on the front lines to keep our patients, ourselves and our families safe. Thank you thank you thank you. #proudtobeahospitalemployee."

This isn't the first time Chester's has donated their flowers to worthy recipients during this difficult time. Last month, the shop gave 85 budvases to four central New York nursing homes.

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