The Central New York region of Utica, Rome, Syracuse, and the Mohawk Valley are full of amazing chefs. Put those skills to the test on Food Network's "Chopped."

Producers of the world class Food Network competition show "Chopped" are currently looking for chefs to be on the show. 'Chopped' challenges competitors to make delicious dishes out of a broad assortment of unusual ingredients. So how do you audition or apply?

The first step is auditioning with JS Casting in New York City. On the JS Casting website, they are currently looking for skilled, creative, and competitive professional chefs to compete on new episodes. Right now, one major area of focus is BBQ chefs to compete. However, they won't turn down amazing New York chefs of all backgrounds.

Can you make Upstate New York proud? Apply online here and give it a go.

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Upstate New York Chef Wins Food Network Competition

An Upstate New York chef was the winner of 'Chopped' back in March of 2020.

Chef Michele Hunter, the executive chef at Saratoga Springs' "Hamlet & Ghost" restaurant, was the winner of one episode. Some of the ingredients that led to Michele's victory included "vegan pork, pecan kringle, spaghetti sushi, moringa powder, an ambrosia-like dish called frog-eye salad, a Negroni, among others."

As a winner, Chef Michele won $10,000. Michele planned to put that money aside to open a bakery one day. If you'd like to sample some of Chef Michele's cooking, you can make reservations at Hamlet & Ghost via their website:

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