Maybe you've enjoyed the weather lately in Upstate New York. Someone, or something, that isn't enjoying the weather is fisherman. Due to the recent droughts in Upstate, trout fishing is suffering this season. 

Due to the fact water levels are extremely low, that's making water temperatures dangerously high for trout. According to, warm water (70 degrees and up) can easily lead to death of any trout that are caught and released.

As the temperature goes up, the oxygen level in the water decreases. As a result, the fight a fish gives when it's caught can completely exhaust it. It rarely survives after it's released"

Lower water and clear water conditions also make it difficult to fish. Why's that? It's because fish can see the angler and then they get skittish. Experts recommend to try and head out to fish before 10AM most days this summer. This will give you the best water temperatures for fish.



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