Central and Upstate New York is known for many things; Pizza, Chicken Riggies, Half Moons just to name a few. Another item that should be on the list, but probably not getting the recognition it should is Maple Syrup. It may change soon with a Canton Syrup maker getting a national distribution deal with Wal Mart stores.

The Canton, NY company, Parker's Real Maple may sound familiar, especially if you watch the TV show, Shark Tank. About 10 years ago, Joshua Parker, a mere 18 at the time, approached the group about his story and his different style of producing maple products.

Joshua discovered his desire for making maple syrup on a school field trip when he was 11-years-old. Fast forward 17 years and you find a company selling 3 million dollars worth of maple syrup, butter, and cotton candy yearly. Parker's was already one of the fastest growing maple syrup companies in the U-S, and now with a national distribution deal in place with Wal Mart stores, the company should continue to grow.

Watch Joshua's appearance on Shark Tank below.

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