Everyone has a bad day at the office once in a while. Thankfully for most people, that bad day isn’t live in front of thousands of people who have access to Twitter. Unfortunately for a local TV news anchor from Upstate New York, her bad day at work led to some unwanted attention and temporarily cost her her job. 

If you watch local TV news on a daily basis, you can grow attached to the names and faces bringing you the headlines. You feel like you know them, and can be caught off guard on the rare occasions they’re off their game. This could be what happened to local news anchor Heather Kovar of CBS 6 in Albany, New York this weekend when one of her regular Saturday night broadcasts went awry, leaving some viewers puzzled and even worried.

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Strange behavior during a local TV news broadcast raises concern

Kovar, a weekend anchor with CBS 6 Albany for more than five years, appeared disoriented and out-of-it during the 6 pm broadcast on Saturday, July 9th- slurring her words, awkwardly segueing into other topics, and even introducing the weekend meteorologist by the wrong name.

You can watch the incredibly uncomfortable broadcast below:

Viewers took their confusion to social media 

The bizarre newscast led several Albany residents who were watching the crumbling broadcast to take to social media, expressing their concern and disbelief.

Kovar is now suspended from CBS 6 Albany

Likely due to the unwanted attention, CBS 6 Albany released a statement on Sunday from the station’s vice president and general manager Robert Croteau:

“Heather Kovar has been suspended pending our internal investigation. We have no further comment at this time.”

According to reports from the Albany Times Union, Kovar was working a double/split shift this past Saturday, requiring her to anchor both the morning and evening news reports, and was scheduled to report the 11 o’clock news as well until she was replaced by another anchor. Kovar did not anchor her regular shifts on Sunday. 

The Times Union also reports that Kovar recently took a leave of absence from the station to spend time with her dying father. 

We truly hope this is just a temporary setback for the veteran anchor, as she’s openly been going through a tough time recently. Let’s hope she will be back to work behind the news desk very soon, happy and healthy.

UPDATE: Heather Kovar has since released a statement blaming her appearance and conduct on sleep deprivation and exhaustion. More HERE. 

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