We've said it many times, the generosity and compassion shown by Central York residents is indescribable. From our St Jude Radiothon to helping neighbors in times of flooding and fires the support never ceases. And a recent unsolicited donation to a Central New York farm family proves it again, a hundredfold.

We've all seen the plight of CNY farmers with the closings of restaurants and schools during this pandemic shutdown. Apparently so has the woman who reached out to DiNitto Farms in Marcy and in the end touched the hearts of us all. Terri DiNitto was kind enough to share the story.

The family received an envelope in the mail and it's contents left the DiNitto's speechless.

We’re stunned, shocked, astonished, appreciative, thankful...so many feelings.

Terri says inside the envelope were a hand written note from a woman they don't know and a check for $150. Among the letters contents were these comments:

  • She hoped the money helped the farm and she wished it was a million dollars.
  • She wished she could come help at the farm but at 78 years old, she didn’t think she’d be much help.

Terri says the family can't thank the woman enough, "A totally unexpected, generous gesture made us feel that people do care what’s happening to all of the farmers."

The DiNitto family plays a huge roll in Oneida County's annual Farm Fest . And will put the money towards that project or another one supporting Oneida County farmers.

Photo Credit - Terri DiNitto
Photo Credit - Terri DiNitto

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