Here in Central New York, we are no stranger to great country songs. If your hometown had an official country song, what would it be?

We went through towns and cities across Central New York and decided to match the areas to song choices. Did your town make the list? If not, make sure you leave your suggestion in the comments and we will add them to Part Two.

Booneville- Tim McGraw- "Telluride"

Boonville is no stranger to snow. In fact, it may be the snow capital of Central New York. To celebrate winter, we decided to pair it with Tim McGraw's version of "Telluride". This version was released back in 2001. Telluride is actually a town in the southwestern portion of Colorado. It was originally known as a silver mining camp, Telluride now is known for its ski resort. Snow and Boonville go hand in hand, and so does Tim McGraw's version of this hit.


Camden- Billy Currington- "Drinkin' Town With A Football Problem"

Camden is known for amazing local hangouts, amazing local football, and when you put the two together, you get a great track from Billy Currington. The song is an anthem about a small town whose residents are passionate about high school football, and drinking. When you put the two together, you get one heck of a match.


Clinton- Justin Moore- "Small Town USA"

The Village of Clinton is within the Town of Kirkland. It's a beautiful area with plenty of art, music, and history. What song do we pick for such an amazing area? Justin Moore's hit "Small Town USA". Why? Because of these following lyrics:

"Cause everybody knows me and I know them
And I believe that's the way we were supposed to live"

"I watch people leave and they come right back
I never wanted any part of that"

Everybody knows EVERYONE in Clinton it feels. Also, plenty of people move on from Central New York and eventually move back and settle down in this village.


Dolgeville- Neal McCoy- "The Last Of A Dying Breed"

Dolgeville is full of some of the best farmers in all of Central New York. What better way to honor these amazing people than a classic farm song? This song from Neal McCoy is the ultimate ode to the farmer.


Herkimer- Montgomery Gentry- "My Town"

Herkimer is a very proud area of Central New York. We tip our hats to one of the most amazing spots in our area with Montgomery Gentry "My Town." A song that truly shows how packed one small town can be, and how you should be proud of your area.


New Hartford- Gloriana- "Wild At Heart"

We honor New Hartford with the Gossin brothers of Gloriana. When you think country music and New Hartford you instantly think of this amazing group.

New York Mills- Merle Haggard- "Workin Man Blues"

We decided to honor New York Mills and it's history of mill work with a classic hard working song. Merle Haggard represents the past of the area, and the present too. Even to this day, plenty of the Mills residents are hard working folks.


Rome- Alabama- "Born Country"

Rome has such a rich history throughout it's entire existence. What better way to honor that then with a classic Alabama song?


Utica- Justin Moore- "Backwoods"

This one perfectly describes Utica very well. Many like to get down to country music, and maybe have parties where they do. For those that live in the Deerfield area, this is your anthem. Partying in the woods goes hand in hand right?


Vernon- Toby Keith and Willie Nelson- "Beer For My Horses"

Vernon may be the horse capital of Central New York. Whether that deals with Vernon Downs, or horse riding throughout the area, we decided to honor the horses with this classic from Toby and Willie.


Waterville- Craig Morgan- "International Harvester"

Instantly when this author thinks of Waterville, he thinks of Whites Farm Supply and tractors. What better way to honor Art White and his team than "International Harvester" form Craig Morgan?



Growing up in Westmoreland in the 90's, there was no party or dance you didn't attend without hearing this classic from Big and Rich. It shows that Westmo is down to party whenever!





(Post inspired by The Unofficial Rap Song Of Every Town In Acadiana)