Strange bright lights have been seen over Brooklyn New York and San Fransisco.  Are they UFO's or just bright lights?

The lights were first spotted over Prospects Heights in Brooklyn, New York, Dec. 3. Video shows them slowly moving in a triangular formation until they wink out one by one below.

Several days later on Dec. 8, Enrique Barrios video taped what looks to be the same objects over San Francisco. He insists the lights weren’t a figment of his imagination. “I wasn’t sure if at first if it was another Tequila-hazed mirage, but myself and a few bystanders were all in complete awe at the lights we saw on Valencia,” he said. “I am 100 percent sure this was a UFO. You folks be the judge.”

(The videos are a bit NSFW, by the way, due to some UFO-inspired potty mouth.)

What do you think? Are they really UFO's or a reasonable explanation? Check out the videos below and decide for yourself.

New York:

San Fransisco:

Source: TheFw


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