Did you happen to look up in the skies over Verona on June 14th? We know you were listening to the amazing music of Frog Fest 2014 but we are getting some crazy reports of a UFO being reported over the area that morning. Did you happen to see the same thing?

The sighting was reported to Mufon:

On the morning of 6/14/2014, I had picked up my gf from work, and when we got home, she had informed me that, shortly after I had dropped her off, two orange orbs off in the distance, which, judging by location had to be over the towne of Sherrill, or beyond, were hovering. She and countless others were viewing it. She had said 2-3 security officers were also witness and recording with mobiles, but wouldn't let me know who, or refuses to pass it on so I can interview them...

From her location, they were about 35-45 degrees into the air, at approximately 5-10 miles away, just hovering. Observation time was approximately 10 minutes until their shuttle bus came around. No further action noted other than hovering, and no other craft nearby. Weather was cloudy with on and off periods of rain, but full moon peaking through now and then. "

Did you happen to see the same thing