You should never drink and drive. There are so many services out in Central New York to prevent it. One of them is Uber. Keep in mind though, Uber prices will be higher this weekend.

Uber is warning users that prices will be higher during the New Years holiday late Sunday and in the early hours of Monday. The reason, the demand for drivers will be so much higher, and Uber wants to make sure that their drivers are getting the extra compensation for gas prices, tolls, and other fees.

Uber says customers will be shown the higher prices when they request their rides, and they'll be asked to confirm the increased fare before booking. Users can still save money by sharing one Uber towards multiple destinations, by splitting fares with friends, or by taking trips early in the night or later the next day."

Don't let this discourage you from using the service. It's still cheaper than a DUI, DWI, and you still save your life and others.



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