While spending time with Jerrod Niemann on his bus after FrogFest, he shared one of the funniest stories about Tyler Farr, while they were in Jamaica. Farr decided to give Niemann an early wake up call. Instead of taking the stairs, he climbed onto the second story balcony using a beach chair as a ladder.

"This is a bad idea,' the cameraman warns Farr who keeps climbing.

"We've secured the Niemann breach," Farr jokes when he finally makes the climb.

Niemann's wife discovered Farr at the door' knife and fork in hand, trying to pick the lock.

Rather than taking the stair back down, Farr went out the same way he cam up and his decent wasn't as successful. Part of the railing broke as Farr was climbing down and he fell right onto the concrete. "Ouch. That hurt," Farr is heard saying as the cameraman laughs.

We were in tears we were laughing so hard when we heard the story. The only thing funnier is watching it happen.

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